Community dedicated to the psychological research, training, and services for older adults


The Society of Clinical Geropsychology is proudly housed under the American Psychological Association, Div. 12-II. [See bylaws]

Our mission is to advance the field of professional Clinical Geropsychology through the scientific study of mental health of older adults, delivery of culturally sensitive psychological services, advancement of training and continuing education, and collaboration among geropsychologists.

Our vision is to foster the mental health and wellness of older adults through science, practice, education, and advocacy.


Our members lead cutting-edge research into understanding aging, cognition, and mental health.

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We are committed to bridging science and practice, delivering integrative, culturally sensitive care.

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We deliver quality training and mentorship to empower the next generations of geropsychologists.

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We aim to dismantle systemic barriers and enhance mental health access and welfare for all.

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