Membership Application & Renewal

Membership Application & Renewal

Membership Benefits

  • Connect with and participate in our vibrant listserv
  • Hear about latest training and leadership opportunities
  • Access to the Newsletter archive

Membership Categories

  • Member ($35/year): Members shall be psychologists who have an interest in the scientific or professional aspects of clinical geropsychology.
  • Student Member ($10/year): Student members shall be enrolled in an undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate, or other official training program (e.g., internship, postdoctoral fellowship) in psychology and have an interest in the scientific or professional aspects of clinical geropsychology. Interns and postdoctoral fellows ARE eligible for the Student Member category.
  • Emeritus (no charge): Please choose this option if you are now retired from full-time employment but wish to remain a member.

Members will receive an invoice on November 1 each year. The invoices are automatically generated by the website and will prompt you to log in and pay.  Dues paid after Nov. 1 are credited to the next year. If you join Jan. 1 or after, you will pay your membership fee with that transaction and again at the end of that year since memberships run on a calendar year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still purchase a 3-year membership? 
We have discontinued the 3-year membership so that everyone’s membership renews at the same time each year. Please refrain from trying to purchase multiple 1-year memberships because the website will still automatically bill you on November 1 each year.

When do memberships expire?
All memberships expire at the end of the calendar year. After November 1, memberships are credited to the next year.

When can I renew my membership?
Renewal season starts on November 1. Memberships purchased before November 1 will expire at the end of the year, even if you recently purchased a membership.

Why is the website saying that my membership is expiring?
Sometimes the website will send an expiration message because it views each yearly membership as its own product. It may alert you when your membership is expiring even if you already purchased a new membership for the next year. Each membership is set up differently (yearly member vs. student member), so not everyone will get this message.

Will my membership automatically renew?
Regular members will be charged automatically on November 1 each year, unless your credit card information has changed. If you need to stop the automatic billing, you can cancel your current membership under the My Subscription menu in your account.

Where can I find my expiration date?
All memberships should expire at the end of each year. When logged in your account on the website, you can find your expiration date or next billing date either under My Subscription or Memberships.