Award Winners

Award Winners

M. Powell Lawton Award for Distinguished Contributions to Clinical Geropsychology

For exceptional lifetime contributions to Clinical Geropsychology 

2022     Jennifer Moye, Ph.D., ABPP, is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and an Adjust Professor at the Boston University School of Medicine as well as the Associate Director for Education and Evaluation at the New England Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC).  Her nominator shared “Jenny is an esteemed scholar, with an H-index of 37 and nearly 6000 citations of her work. She is well-known for her work on capacity in later life, with her 2003 edited book “Evaluating Competencies” having over 1500 citations. … her involvement in getting a wide range of disciplines interacting with older adults to understand the complexities of capacity, competency and decision-making has had a major impact in the field” As well as “her editorship of the Clinical Gerontologist has been a blue-print of a senior academic and clinical researcher building a strong legacy. She has encouraged early career clinical researchers to be involved in every aspect of the journal, from reviews to being members of the editorial board. … And she has widened the mentoring available for these early career contributors, both nationally and internationally.” ”.  When informed that she had been selected for this award, Dr. Moye expressed her deep gratitude to her colleagues in geropsychology for their many years of collaboration and support, and noted she looks forward to a bright future for the field.

2021     Thomas Hadjistavropoulos

2020     Nancy A. Pachana

2019     Peter Lichtenberg

2018     Michael “Mick” Smyer

2017     Michele Karel

2016     Sara Honn Qualls

2015     Gregory Hinrichsen

2014     Forrest Scogin

2013     Victor Molinari

2012     Bob Knight

2011     David Guttman

2010     George Niederehe

2009     K. Warner Schaie

2008     Margy Gatz (special award also given to John Santos)

2007     Dolores Gallagher-Thompson

2006     Steve Zarit

2005     John Santos

2002     Larry Thompson

2001     Robert Kastenbaum

2000     Martha Storandt

Distinguished Clinical Mentorship Award

To those who played important mentorship roles in the clinical and research supervision or professional development of Clinical Geropsychology trainees

2022      Ann M. Steffen, Ph.D., ABPP is a tenured Professor of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  We received letters of support from 4 of her mentees, who attested to the quality of her supervision, her sense of caring, and her overall embodiment of the role of mentor.  In the words of one nominator, she is “a fantastic ambassador and advocate for the field and the profession” and “ she works diligently to engage her mentees and help them find their best career path.”  Another stated “her passion for geropsychology extends to her students”.  When informed that she had been selected for this award, Dr. Steffen noted “my work is easy because I have such great students.”

2021      Kimberly Hiroto

2020      Kate L. M. Hinrichs

2019      Benjamin Mast

2018      Julia Kasl-Godley

2018      Martha Crowther

2017      Daniel Segal

2016     Douglas Lane

2015     Brian Carpenter

2014     Rebecca Allen & Heather Smith

2013     Jennifer Moye

2012     Sara Qualls

2011     Forrest Scogin

2010     Michele Karel

2007     Lee Hyer

2006     Deborah King

2004     Antonette Zeiss

2003     Bob Knight

2003     Greg Hinrichsen

2002     Barry Edelstein

Student Paper Award

For exemplary original geropsychology research for which the student is the senior author

2022     (two winners)

  • Matthew C. Picchiello, M.A., Doctoral Candidate at Washington University in St. Louis
    Mentor:  Brian D. Carpenter , Ph.D.
    Paper Title: Prevalence of Reported Dementia and Subjective Cognitive Decline Across U.S. National Surveys
  • Lisa Stone, M.A., Doctoral Candidate at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
    Mentor:  Daniel L. Segal, Ph.D.
    Paper Title: An Empirical Evaluation of the DSM-5 Alternative Model of Personality Disorders in Later Life

2021     Annika Sophia Goldman

2020     Rachael Spalding

2019     Meghan McDarby

2018     Matthew Wynn; Christine Juang (honorable mention)

2017     Elissa Kozlov; Allison Midden (honorable mention)

2016     Jesse Passler

2015     Kellye Carver

2014     Jon Gooblar

2013     Philip Sayegh

2012     Lindsay Gerolimatos

2011     Sheri Gibson

2010     Jennifer Kellough

2009     Katherine Kane

2008     Joseph Dzierzewski

2007     Donald Caudle; Joseph Dzierzewski (honorable mention)

2006     Caitlin Holley

2005     Steve Balsis

2004     Amanda Schafer

2003     Tara Victor

2002     Brian Yochim

2001     Sherry Beaudreau

2000    Julie Wetherell

1999     Benjamin Mast

1998     Lynn Northrop

1997     Jennifer Hillman

Todd “TJ” McCallum Award for excellence in gerodiversity

To honor psychologists and psychologists-in-training in the advancement of clinical practice, training, research, advocacy, and/or public policy for underrepresented older adults 

2022      Veronica L. Shead, Ph.D., VA St. Louis Health Care System (Psychologist)

2022 Carmen M. Tyler, M.A., MEd, Virginia Commonwealth University (Psychologist-in-training)

2021      Kimberly Hiroto, Ph.D. (Psychologist Award)

2021      Stacy Yun (Psychologist-In-Training Award)

2020      Danielle L. McDuffie, M.A. (Psychologist-In-Training Award)

2020      Martha Regina Crowther, PhD, MPH (Psychologist Award)

2019      Kate L. M. Hinrichs (Psychologist Award)

2018      Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, PhD, ABPP (Psychologist Award)

2018      Hillary Dorman, M.A. (Psychologist-In-Training Award)

Gerodiversity Awards 

2016     Weston Donaldson (Psychologist Award)

2016     Katherine Ramos (Psychologist-In-Training Award)

2017     Nancy Pachana (Psychologist Award)

2017     Catherine Escher (Psychologist-In-Training Award)

Extraordinary Leadership – Special Award

2019     Debbie DiGilio

Distinguished Achievement Award

1999     George Niederehe, Norman Abeles