Assessment Workshop

Geropsychology Assessment Workshop

Day 1: Introduction to Geropsychology Assessment

Introduction & Overview
(Jessica Strong & Julia Boyle)
Why should I care about geriatrics?
(Jessica Strong & Julia Boyle)
The difference among Gero, Neuro, & Capacity Assessment
(Rebecca Allen)
Cognitive Testing
(Valerie Abel)
Psychodiagnostic Assessment
(Kimberly Hiroto)
Cognitive Screens & Other Tools
(Jessica Strong)

Day 2: Geropsychology Across Settings

Short-term Rehabilitation
(Lisa Bloom-Charette)
(Travis Shivley-Scott)
Home Based Primary Care
(Courtney Ghormley)
Primary Care
(Tessa Lundquist)

Day 3: Diversity & Cultural Considerations

(Maggie Syme)
(Jennifer Daks)
Diversity Considerations
(Martina Azar)

Day 4: Introduction to Capacity Assessment

Intro to Evaluating Capacity
(Kyle Page)
Independent Living Capacity
(Patty Bamonti)
Sexual Consent Capacity
(Rachel Spalding)
Financial Capacity
(Jung Yun Jang)